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"I was tired of hiring so-called professional cleaners that were hired to deodorize my carpets only for them to leave me with a big bill and the smell to come back after a few days. I was fed up! Then, someone told me about Ozone cleaning technology and I was set on finding a service like this in Vegas! Thankfully Nevada Ozone was able to help me fix the issue. I love the techs so I’ll definitely keep hiring them for cleanings!"
Hannah - Las Vegas, Nevada
"I sought out the services from Nevada Ozone after my husband and I bought a house from an elderly woman. She previously had a dog, and we had no pets. It was obvious when we moved in that the “wet dog smell” wasn’t going to go away with some Febreeze. We called them up for an extreme home disinfection, deodorization, and we were so happy with the results! Once they were done deodorizing our house it was noticeably cleaner smelling.  There wasn’t that “heavy dog smell” around the house anymore and now it smells light, fresh and airy. I’ll be using their services again, maybe in a few years after we’ve grown into the house. Love them!"
Rebecca - Summerlin, Nevada
"After my husband was sick with the flu, I wanted to make sure the rest of my family including my new born wasn’t going to have to go through what my he did. I called Nevada Ozone to help me and do a complete home disinfection from top to bottom. I love that there services are green, so it’s safe for our baby! Their team was incredibly prompt for their appointment, and worked in a timely manner. None of my family got sick and I couldn’t be happier with the results!"
Tammy - Las Vegas, Nevada
"When my husband decided to quit smoking I knew it would be the perfect time for me to hire Nevada Ozone to remove the cigarette smoke odor that always lingered in my house. It was not only a prefect way to give him a fresh start, but give me an excuse to finally clean my home completely! They were great! It only took 24hrs and I was happy to find out that their process was USDA certified. It makes me feel safe that I’m not filling my house with crazy chemicals."
Leslie - Las Vegas, Nevada
"My house has partial fire damage after a little cooking accident. We were all safe, but the smell in the house was unbearable to say the least. My insurance agency told me about Nevada Ozone and their safe and effective services. She not only told us that this would help with potential real sale of my home but value of the home overall if I kept the receipt for their services. The Ozone’s tech came in to eradicate the smoke smell and did so after 24hrs.. Easily one of the best home cleaning services in Las Vegas! Thank you for saving my home!"
Julie - Las Vegas, Nevada
"I made the mistake of forgetting to call the pet sitter and leaving my cat in our home while we went away for a few days for a wedding. We came back to find out our cat marked ALL OVER THE HOUSE. I was furious. I didn’t know what to do since the pet smell really stays around, no matter how hard you spray and scrub. And I didn’t want to ruin my furniture’s fabric! With the use of O3 they were able to eliminate the pet odor without harsh chemicals. I mean it is just a form of oxygen and that's all! My house smells so much better and odor free now. I won’t make the same mistake again!"
Aaron - Las Vegas, NV
"Found an very affordable RV on Craigslist with one major issue. IT REEKED OF CIGARETTE SMOKE! I was able to haggle a good deal so that I could get some serious deep cleaning. As soon as I got the RV to my house I called up Nevada Ozone’s services. I am a repeat customer as I’ve had them clean my house before. Their service was so effective last time, no other company could compare! Their odor treatment service eliminated the smell in 24hrs. Very happy! I’ll be a forever customer."
Mike - Henderson, Nevada
"A leaky pipe is not good news at all, but to find out the pipe under my sink had been leaking for weeks causing mold I was at a loss for words. What do you do? I called my home insurance to file a claim, which they accepted and they recommended I get it professionally cleaned and they’d refund me for the cost. I was so relieved! I found Nevada Ozone through their positive Yelp! Reviews and website reviews so I called to ask them what they could do for me. They were able to provide me with clear answers, and were very happy to solve my mold problem the "GREEN" way ASAP. Simple, easy, and I was back in my mold free home 2 hours after they provided the service!"
Michelle - North Las Vegas, NV
"I own several homes that I rent out, but after every gap in leases I hire Nevada Ozone and their team to come in and give each house a full “spring cleaning” once over. This time however was different, I don’t allow pets but a previous tenant had a dog and they let it mess all over the carpet. Simple carpet cleaning wasn’t going to fix it, so I reached out to Nevada Ozone to see what they could do. They were able to schedule service while I was out of town and get rid off the stink. My tenant had to foot the bill (thankfully to my lease agreement) and all the issues were solved! Another perfect experience!"
Ken - Henderson, Nevada
"Getting a rescue animal is probably one of the most rewarding experiences, however the first week or two of adjustment was pretty um, poopy to say the least. There were several accidents that I just wasn’t going to waste my time on. I cleaned up what I could and instantly called the Nevada Ozone Team; there system is not only perfect but also safe. I feel good knowing that my place isn’t being run through with chemicals. I love that their team was professional and friendly. It worked like a charm! Thanks again!"
Gina - Las Vegas, NV
"I bought a really nice condo as an investment property but I knew that with the smell of cig. smoke the rental value wasn’t going to be what I wanted it to be. The HOA-community told me how a few of there members used Nevada Ozone, and I thought why not! When I called they were able to provide in detail what they provided and what I would expect. Since I didn’t live there, they just went in while I was at work and did their thing! They contacted me once they were finished and I when I went back to the condo there was a noticeable difference. The smoke smell was gone and it almost smelled like a fresh clean rain storm had just past. Very impressed with the results. AWESOME! AWESOME!
Henery - Las Vegas, NV
"I can’t believe how good the Nevada Ozone generators works! I purchase their system after learning about it from another business colleague. I run my own veterinary clinic so you can imagine the smell that dozens of dogs, cats, and etc. that people bring into my office. I have my staffers run the system in the evenings when they close up, and it shuts off automatically before anyone arrives in the morning. It’s perfect! Everything gets completely sanitized everyday. My clients are so amazed every time they come in because my office doesn’t have that “animal smell” everyone is so used to smelling when they first walk in the door but now it always has a fresh clean smell. Great business investment!"
Jennifer - Santa Fe, NM
"After having a nightmare getaway at a 4-star hotel that had BED BUGS, it only got worse when I realize my husband and I brought them home! I didn’t know what to do! Fumigation was not only costly, but I didn’t want dangerous chemicals used just to blanket all of our belongings. Nevada Ozone’s staff was not only informative but helped calm my frantic nerves! They assured me that one of the side affects of the Nevada Ozone Air Purification Process would eliminate anything living in our home. Once they were done, I was BLOWN AWAY! Not only were the bugs gone, but we found all kinds of other dead critters, also my home smelled better than ever. Thank you so much for helping me during my bed bug crisis with your air purification treatment services!"
Tonya - Reno, Nevada
"Nothing is more devastating than finding out your house has termites. The repairs, the removal, the list is endless. So when I heard about Nevada Ozone’s treatment system and how they provided a safe method for removal without the means of pesticides. They were extremely prompt and we were only out of the house for a couple of days. We didn’t have to bag up other things, as it was just natural ozone gas. I love that about them! Not only was it safe to come back, but also the house was cleaner, and the termites were GONE! Fantastic!"
Linda - Reno, Nevada
"Mold is such a dangerous issue that when the pipes broke in our house I wanted to get the house cleaned and mold free! Contacting Nevada Ozone was so simple! One of the reps on the phone was able to schedule full service mold eradication for not only the damaged areas of my house but did a complete sanitation, disinfection and deodorization of my house to prevent any further issues. Duct system included. Love that! With all my mold problems solved by the Nevada Ozone team, I can enjoy my home once again with out any worries of lingering issues of any kind."
Bethany - Henderson, NV
Yelp Review(Military): "The house my family and I moved into was a smokers home. It looked like the homeowners tried to paint to get rid of the smell. My husband and I did some research and decided to call Nevada Ozone and scheduled an appointment. I'm so glad we did our house no longer smells like cigarette smoke! Thank you Nevada Ozone."
Kris V. - North Las Vegas, NV



     Yelp Review 10/15/12 RV Smoke Odors ***** 5 STAR

     Yelp Review 10/18/12 Mold ***** 5 STAR

     Yelp Review 11/6/12 Smoke Odors ***** 5 STAR

     Yelp Review 11/13/12 Bed Bugs ***** 5 STAR

     Yelp Review 1/29/13 Smoke Odors ***** 5 STAR

     Yelp Review 3/5/13 Car Smoke Odors ***** 5 STAR


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