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Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

 Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

How to remove cigarette smell from room instantly? Unfortunately it is not possible to remove it instantly but our super charged ozone shock treatment service will permanently eradicate cigarette smoke odors in your entire house including the whole HVAC system in 24 hours. We use 10 of our patent pending Ultraviolet Light Ozone Generators ($25,000) to treat 2,000 square feet for house smoke odor elimination service. Will cigarette smoke smell eventually go away? It can take several years and even decades depending on the level of contamination (How many packs/day/years). It may never go away on it’s own if it has been severely contaminated.

Cigarette odor can be a huge problem for non-smokers and smokers alike but the toxicity of this third-hand smoke should be of greater concern. Third-hand smoke is the chemical residue that comes from all tobacco smoke. It is also called “stale tobacco smoke” or “tobacco smoke residue.”

The chemicals in third-hand smoke are proven toxic to people and especially dangerous to children. It lingers for years on everything it has come into contact with including dust and on everything you would find in a house. Smoke particles can be as small as .001% of the width of a human hair, which allows them to penetrate into HVAC systems, carpets, furniture, drapes, pictures, paintings, tv’s, remote controls, clothes, walls, ceilings, and all other building materials. Tobacco smoke can easily circulate through a building’s ventilation system or come up through apartment floors.

Cigarette odor can end up costing thousands of dollars if you’re trying to sell a house or condo that smells like an ashtray. The buyer that just offered $15K less than your asking price has already scheduled with us to remediate it for $1K. This happens all the time and we say, “Whoever finds us first, wins.” We are your smoke odor eliminator. Cigarette smoke odor removal cost is based on square footage and severity of the problem.

This particular odor remover process can very difficult, time consuming, hazardous to your health, and very expensive to remove unless you have us handle it for you.

1. A Certified Nevada Ozone Technician will meet you at the treatment location to inspect/prepare the area/home etc. for smoke odor removal service.

2. Complete HVAC system sanitation, disinfection and deodorization; Check to see that the HVAC filter has been pulled and set the thermostat to the auto setting. Be sure new filters are available to install when the treatment process is complete. We recommend a new filter immediately after the treatment and then again 3-4 days later.

3. Check to see that all openings to the exterior are sealed off including fireplaces, exhaust fans, door thresholds, etc.

4. Check to see that all interior doors, cabinets, drawers, closets, etc are opened and mattresses set on edge.

5. We will post “WARNING DO NOT ENTER” signs at all entrances.

6. Our Generators are set up and positioned for the treatment process of cigarette odor removal services.

7. Technician performs a walk through with the owner or person in charge to ensure that no people, or pets are present before the odor removal service is activated.

8. Generators are set to automatically shut off after a predetermined treatment time (based on the cubic footage, treatment area, and environmental conditions).

9. Generators are switched on and the premises is secured by the owner or representative for the cigarette smoke odor removal. Within an hour after the generators shut off occupants may return. Ozone reverts back to oxygen within 30 minutes.

If you are in need of our services, please call us at (702) 577-3490 or send us a message by filling out the form below and a representative from Nevada Ozone Inc.™ will discuss possible solutions to solve your cigarette odor problem.

A Nevada Ozone Inc.™ treatment is fully guaranteed provided that we are able to contain/seal off the location/entity being treated so that our patent pending, Super-Charged Ozone (No nitric acid) cannot escape under normal conditions. We cannot ozone Sleep Number Beds, Salt Water Fish-tanks, Fine Silks or Tropical Plants. Read reviews here.

Do It Yourself Home Remedies

Odor-Absorbing Materials – Below you will find information on what you can try as an alternative to harnessing the power of Nevada Ozone’s totally green, ozone treatment services.

The following materials are believed to be capable of absorbing or neutralizing tobacco smoke odors, at least temporarily:

Vinegar. Place a bowl of vinegar in each affected room overnight.

Citrus. Leave a large amount of citrus peels in your home for several days or until they have become desiccated.

Baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda over the smoke-affected area and let it sit for a few hours before vacuuming it up. Be sure to test the baking soda on a small part of the surface to ensure that the surface or fabric doesn’t react unfavorably to the baking soda.

Coffee grounds. Pour coffee grounds into several coffee filters and tie them closed, leaving them in affected areas.

Charcoal. As you would with vinegar, place charcoal into bowls and leave them in smoke-infused rooms overnight.

Don’t want to do all the work then call us at (702) 577-3490. Nevada Ozone solves your smoke odor problems in 24 hours guaranteed.

Removal Strategies for Smoke Odor

  • Open all windows and turn on fans. Ventilation is probably the best way to remove any odor.
  • Clean light bulbs. Just as some scent-diffusers rely on heat from light bulbs to disperse the aroma of the scented oil, it’s possible that the oily residue from nicotine and other cigarette by-products is dispersed throughout the living area the same way.  Anecdotal reports suggest that light bulbs attract smoke residue.  It has also been claimed that bulbs will release smoke odors when they are turned on.  Perhaps replacing incandescent bulbs with higher-efficiency bulbs that do not get as hot would help alleviate this problem. 
  • Thoroughly clean all hard surfaces, preferably with cleaners that contain ammonia, although woodwork requires cleaners that are not as acidic.
  • Surfaces may be painted to trap odor, although it may be possible for odors to gradually seep through paint barriers.
  • Remove carpeting, as it is nearly impossible to remove smoke particles from carpet. Thoroughly scrub the flooring beneath before installing new carpet. If the carpet cannot be replaced, have it professionally cleaned.
  • Soak blinds in a bathtub full of all-purpose cleaner, scrub them thoroughly, and hang them to dry.
  • Send curtains out to be professionally cleaned or replace them.
  • Purchase a chemical sponge to remove smoke residue from lamp shades, books and other materials.
  • Use a HEPA filter.
  • Burn “smoker candles.” Candles that contain enzymes to help neutralize and remove smoke odors are widely available. They may also be used to remove cooking and pet odors.
  • Replace all heating and air filters regularly, as they tend to harbor cigarette odors and other irritants.
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