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All pet odors are no problem for our "Super Charged" UV Light Ozone Generators.

Smoke Odors Gone in 24Hrs

Four packs a day for over 30yrs is no problem for our "Super Charged" UV Light Ozone Generators.

Mold Eradicated in 24Hrs

Mold eradication is a side effect of a single Nevada Ozone "Super Charged" Ozone Shock Treatment.

Bed Bugs Gone In 24Hrs

Bed Bug and insect eradication is a side effect of a single Nevada Ozone "Super Charged" Ozone Shock Treatment.

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5 Star Rating
I have used Nevada Ozone a number of times over the years to address extremely difficult problems which I was unable to resolve through any other process. I have been amazed at how effective Tom’s ozone treatments are, and I am a very happy repeat customer. I am chemically sensitive and I have asthma;

Tom is always very considerate in helping me work around my vulnerabilities. Tom is very knowledgeable and experienced; he is always extremely helpful and generous with his time in helping me to make strategic evaluations and to select the exact best course of action for my particular situation. I highly recommend Nevada Ozone.

Brian G. – Las Vegas, Nevada

5 Star Rating

My first yelp comment ever. Called Nevada Ozone to treat six years of smoking in the house. Tom came out, gave us an estimate, and said it may take two applications. We got the first treatment, but a few days later smelled a trace of smoke so scheduled a second treatment.

Before the next treatment, my spouse was told one medication will now be $800 a month. Called Tom to cancel the second treatment because we couldn’t afford the treatment and meds. He then offered to do it for free because he liked to help people.

We told him we’d discuss it and call him back. We called him back and said we could not accept; we didn’t feel right about not paying him and would wait until we could. He was persistent that he would do it for free because he doesn’t like to leave a job unfinished and the smell may get worse. He would also do a third treatment for free if necessary. We finally agreed on the free second treatment. The house smells great and no need for a third treatment.

There are no words to express our thanks to you, Tom, for your generosity. You take pride in your work and are an honorable man. We will always be grateful for your understanding and helping us through a very difficult time so we could get our house completely smoke free.

Mickey, – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

I called Nevada Ozone to help with a used car I bought recently. Everything seemed great about the car and the only flaw was that it REEKED of cigarette smoke. The whole car smelled like tobacco and running the heater or AC made the car almost uninhabitable.

I thought it would be a lost cause and I was trying to find anything to at least make the smell more bearable. I found Nevada Ozone after some quick searching online. I had heard of Ozone treatment before, but I was still skeptical because my situation was so bad.

I decided to give it a try because they guaranteed it would help. I made an appointment with Tom, and he arrived on time to my house on the minute. Very professional attitude. Fully explained the process and how the ozone works. He placed 3 Ozone generators in my car and let them run for a total of 2 hours. The last half hour was with the car AC running.

The Results:

This company/process is a MIRACLE. I could not believe that after running the Ozone generators, the cigarette smell just DISAPPEARED. I seriously thought it was too good to be true. All the smell was gone out of the seats, door panels, headliner, trunk, EVERYTHING. There is a light scent of the Ozone that lingers after. Best I can describe it is like a sterile cleaning smell. This is MUCH PREFERRED to the tobacco. And it dissipates within hours after the treatment.

Now, I waited for 5 or 6 days before writing this review because I was still skeptical about this being a permanent solution. It’s been almost a week and the tobacco smell has yet to return. I added my favorite air freshener and now it’s like the car was never smoked in. No adverse effects to parts of the car either (plastics, leather etc.)

Just needed to write a review letting everyone know this process WORKS. No BS. If you are in a similar situation as I was, don’t wait to call these guys. They are worth every single penny they charge you.


Matthew Vasquez – Las Vegas, Nevada

5 Star Rating

I recently bought a new car and shortly after driving it off the lot realized that it had an underlying smoky smell. I was crushed…I love the car, it had everything I had been looking for and very hard to get, so I sought a way to resolve the odor issue before giving up and giving it back.

The dealer asked to have their crews treat it, which turned out to be just applying some strong deodorizer, which just made matters worse. I sought out Ozone treatment on my own, having used Ozone in my real estate business in the past to mitigate odor in homes. I contacted Tom and he became our hero.

He designed a treatment schedule for the car and tirelessly executed it, which included sacrificing his weekend to make multiple trips to see that we got the outcome we needed in the time allowed.

He took a personal caring interest in our plight, and did everything he could to ensure we had the best chance of success. His efforts resulted in us keeping the car. Thanks for all your help and caring Tom, we will definitely call on you for our real estate challenges when we need assistance. I would refer Nevada Ozone to anyone without hesitation!
Geri -Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

If you are looking for a non-toxic green option that truly takes care of everything from odor, to pest, to black mold–look no further; this is the company you should hire for the job! Me and my husband are expecting our first baby, and the house we are moving into had been under construction and unoccupied for over a year, as well as, had a lingering vintage/ “old house” smell that remained even after the remodel.

We did extensive research on all the different pest and ozone companies out here in Vegas, and came to the conclusion that hiring separate pest, extermination, Ozone etc. followed by a professional cleaning crew for the removal of the chemicals, would have added up to more $ than going with Nevada Ozone from the start. More importantly, they are the most knowledgeable company in their field with hands down the best equipment here in Vegas. And by this, I mean, they not only have the most cutting edge equipment but they will install as many machines needed to cover the space adequately based on the square footage of your house.

Our house needed 10 machines to cover a total of 2,700 sqft.! Tom is extremely professional and knowledgeable about Ozone treatments and his machines. He not only answered all our questions but also educated us about what Ozone is, how it works, what it does, and the difference it makes to have the proper amount of machines installed to get the job done right.

Honestly, all other companies we called didn’t even know the name of their equipment and were going to install 2-3 machines, nor did they really know the full potential of an Ozone treatment besides the removal of order; based on the other companies we spoke to, we would have not opted to an Ozone treatment if it wasn’t for Tom taking the time to explain the difference to us.

I highly recommend an Ozone treatment for your house, and I highly recommend Nevada Ozone for the job! You truly get what you pay for, however, you still save over hiring separate companies/services, and more importantly you protect your family from the hazardous chemical residues and the possibility of mold in your house.

Vanesa T. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

Tom and Nevada Ozone are FANTASTIC!!

I’m a local Realtor and I had recently listed a home that had been affected by cigarette smoke and the sellers had the property professionally cleaned. In 3 days, I had 14 showings and no offers and the feedback I received was that there was a strong smell that hit everyone as soon as they opened the door.

I called Nevada Ozone and Tom was able to come out early the very next morning, strategically placed ozone machines throughout the property and treated the home for 24 hours. Literally in only 24 hours the home went from smelling like a mixture of “old home with stale cigarettes and cleaning fluid” to smelling like a NEW home!!

The feedback that I received afterwards from other agents and prospective buyers was very positive, we quickly went under contract and now we are getting ready to close at a price higher than anticipated!! MANY thanks to Tom, his professionalism, expertise, and dedication to aid us in remedying this situation and his continuous follow up with me!! I will continue to refer Tom and Nevada Ozone to any of my clients or fellow Agents that are in need.

If you are someone reading this and looking at reviews trying to decide which company to use (just like I did)…TRUST ME, DO NOT HESITATE TO USE NEVADA OZONE; YOU’LL BE SO VERY HAPPY THAT YOU DID!!

Tim D. – Henderson, Nevada


5 Star Rating

I was fortunate to have found Nevada Ozone, owned by John H. to help a friend in Las Vegas to eliminate residual mold spores from her apartment.  She had just experienced a refurbishment by the management of her building, who would not admit that there might be a mold problem.  Sure enough, during the repair work, substantial mold was discovered!  Apparently the mold had been in existence for several years and had caused my friend to become so ill during this period that she could hardly walk.  

She evacuated the apartment to stay in a hotel while the repair work was being done.  After 14 days of being absent from her apartment she started feeling wonderful.  She moved back to her apartment after the so-called repair work only to begin feeling poorly again.  At this point I called Nevada Ozone.

Tom answered the phone and we discussed the very best treatment.  He scrubbed the apartment air with his anti-spore machine and my friend is now looking forward to literally getting her life back.  We would recommend Nevada Ozone in an instant to others who need spore treatments.  Not only is John extremely knowledgeable about effective air and material treatments, but is a kind person, attentive, efficient and goes the extra mile to make certain his customer is happy.  Needless to say, we are a very thankful and satisfied customer.

Robert H. – Solana Beach, Nevada


5 Star Rating

This service works! House was a mess. Bad pet and smoke odors. It was my first time using the service and I was skeptical but it definitely worked. Do not hesitate to use these guys. Tom was personal, punctual, and professional. Highly satisfied and definitely recommend if you have odors problems.

Derek R. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

Great service and quality product. Love the fact that Thomas’ ozone generator is UV based and not the harmful Corona based type of generator. I just recently purchased a van that was owned by a previous smoker. One treatment with the ozone generator and the car smells like new, so far! Thomas was punctual and very cordial. Highly recommended. Will update after a week to see if treatment effectively got rid of the smoke smell

Bronsen K. – Las Vegas, Nevada



5 Star Rating

I wasn’t sure anything was going to be able to remove the heavy cigarette smoke from a vehicle. I was wrong. The truck smells like new. Would definitely use the service again. Great work, Tom!

Souper T. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

I’m a very pleased customer!  It’s been exactly one week since Nevada Ozone performed their service on my husband’s truck.  I can honestly say that this was worth every penny.  A relative smoked in my husband’s truck for 3 months, much to our surprise, while we were away. We are not smokers and all the cleaning in the world would not help the smoke smell in the fabric of the truck.  I had the interior detailed and it did very little to help.  

I did some research and was even temped to buy an ozone machine on Amazon. I came to the realization that this was probably not something I wanted to tackle on my own. I found Nevada Ozone via Yelp like I do must things.

Tom was very nice and arrived right on time for the appointment.  He is extremely knowledgeable and explained what he was doing. My husband is very pleased.  He thinks that the truck now has a new car smell, which is so much better than the smoke smell. I highly recommend this business!

Kerry H. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

I just had the most pleasant experience with a service provider. I called to see if I could get my air filtered because of a mold issue I’m dealing with. After speaking with Tom About my situation explain to me a much easier way to get the same job done and that he simply wouldn’t feel comfortable taking my money for something I could do on my own!!

Talk about Honorable. We did talk about pricing if I were to use their services and it’s less than half the way I was quoted from another and mold specialist!

Kelly K. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

Absolutely incredible! We were just transferred to Vegas for my husbands job. We found a home that we were interested in buying however the sellers were smokers and we were hesitant to make an offer solely based on the cigarette smell. After doing some research I called Nevada Ozone and spoke to Tom. He explained the process and cost in depth and told me he was 99.99% sure the ozone process would remove the smell. He explained that we may need multiple treatments in order to remove all of the odor.

My husband is a former smoker so he is very sensitive to cigarette smell. We decided to put an offer on the house and 6 weeks later we closed escrow. I called Tom and set up an appointment to start the ozone process the day we got the keys.

Tom was prompt and professional. He advised that we should wait 5-7 days before deciding if we would need an additional treatment as the smell may return to some degree. When my husband and I entered our new home after the ozone treatment we were nervous, we had just spent a small fortune on a home that could really stink, literally!

When we opened the door we were amazed that there was not even a hint of cigarette smell. Our realtor came over and was amazed as well. Our new neighbors came over and were also amazed as this house had been occupied by chain smokers and now literally smelled like fresh mountain air. It’s been 10 days and there is still zero cigarette smell. We are more than 100% satisfied and if I could give 10 stars I would!

Celeste C. – Mobile, Alabama


5 Star Rating

We bought a house and the previous owners smoked heavily in the garage. The smell was so thick it would even seep into the house through the door that connects the garage to the laundry room. We needed the smell gone fast so we could move everything in and not have all of our stuff start to smell like smoke.

We came across Nevada Ozone when searching for a cure. It was SO Worth It! The cigarette smoke smell is all gone from the garage. Tom even followed up with us to make sure the smell was eradicated. I would recommend this to anyone dealing with a cigarette smoke smell problem. Would definitely use this service again. Tom was a pleasure to work with and has a pleasant personality.

Stephanie A. – Los Angeles, CA


5 Star Rating

I used Nevada Ozone to remove cigarette smoke from a rental home. Tom was wonderful to work with and managed to remove the smoke smell from the entire home including the furniture that was in the home. I highly recommend this company and will definitely use them again in the future.

Courtney E. – Henderson, Nevada


5 Star Rating

I am a realtor and just had a house listed that had a lot of showing’s in just 3 days but everyone commented that the house smelled like cigarette smoke I talked to the owners about Nevada ozone and they hired them to do the job Tom was great we showed the house again after the process was completed and we got an offer the next day it really works will definitely use them again.

Debra J. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

We had a bad smoke smell through our new house, thanks to Nevada Ozone, it’s completely gone. Tom was so easy to work with, honest and helpful through the entire process. I can’t believe how painless the process was and for an excellent price! Call them first if you need a smell gone, my other quotes were a waste of time!

Amber C. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

The house my family and I moved into was a smokers home. It looked like the homeowners tried to paint to get rid of the smell. My husband and I did some research and decided to call Tom and scheduled an appointment. I’m so glad we did our house no longer smells like cigarette smoke! Thank you Nevada Ozone.

Kris V. – Roebling, NJ


5 Star Rating

Problem: The salesman didn’t even want to show us one of his pre-owned motor homes on the lot because its previous owner was a heavy smoker. Quote: “the unit reeks of smoke.” We insisted because the floor plan was exactly what we wanted and in our price range, and the coach looked great from the outside.

The smoke smell was so strong, it was difficult to breath. I knew an ozone treatment would eliminate smoke odors so I considered renting an ozone machine. Then I found that these machines can generate nitric acid — very corrosive to electronics which, of course, a motor home has plenty of. So, my problem was how to eliminate and not cover up the very strong smoke odors in this motor home, which we wanted to buy.

Solution: I contacted Nevada Ozone, Inc. (nevadaozone.com). The owner, Tom, assured me that his ozone treatment could eliminate all smoke odors in less than 24 hours. His process would penetrate and neutralize the smoke odor in the carpets, drapes, chairs, walls, mattress, and even the duct work. So, we bought the motor home … moved it to a nearby RV park … but didn’t sleep in it until Tom treated it.

Happy Ending: 24 hours later, after the ozone treatment, absolutely no smoke smell. There was a slight smell of ozone, but that smell was all gone by the end of the day. I cannot say enough good things about Tom and his company Nevada Ozone. He was prompt and was at our new motor home when he said he would. He was careful in placing his equipment and removing it afterwards. Most of all, he did what he said he would do — completely remove the smoke odor and make our coach livable. See Here

Roger – Carbondale, CO

5 Star Rating

I recently bought a nice sectional on craigs*ist at a decent price, or so I thought. The next day I noticed I had little bugs crawling around my living room and on my new, used couch. Yes, I now had Bed Bugs! %#@&!!! Uuuuugh! After researching other companies I heard ozone was the way to go so I eventually ended up with Nevada Ozone here in Vegas.

They explained that one of the side effects of the ozone air treatment process is that any living thing inside my home would be dead after their ozone generators completed the service. They came on time and gave great service. No more bugs of any kind. I’m very happy now with my completely sanitized, used, sectional couch and newly sanitized, fresh, clean, home. I would recommend them to anyone.

Renee G. – Las Vegas, Nevada

5 Star Rating

Excellent company! Very professional service. Their employees were punctual, courteous and personable. We would recommend them to anyone.  We rented a house which turned out to have a very bad smoke smell in it.  When we moved in it smelled fresh and clean and now a few months later we smell cigarette smoke in every room. 1800 sqr feet. Nevada Ozone solved our problem within 24 hours of setting up their service. Not only is the smoke smell gone we have the satisfaction of knowing are home is completely disinfected. -CWLVNV

Christian W. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

Let me start by saying that Tom is a competent, knowledgeable man when it comes to the ozone treatment! I have owned my 2000 Toyota Celica GTS for 10 years and inside it is all leather. I have smoked in this poor car for half f the time I have owned it, and the smell. . . well, it’s pretty bad as you can imagine. After 45 minutes with the UV Ozone Generator inside the car, and 30 minutes with it in there with the a/c running and whaala! The smell – yes, it’s gone. While talking with Tom, I learned that he can do this treatment inside houses up to 5,000 square feet!! Whooooaaaa awesome. Recommended – yes definitely!

Melissa J. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

My rental home had a bad smell from previous owners. After trying so many solutions, finally I called Nevada Ozone Inc guys and they made the odor go away. These guys are super and very professional. If you are having problems with any odor in a house – I recommend you give this company a call.

Clark J. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

I contacted this provider regarding odors from pet urine. I spoke to a man named Tom, who seemed very knowledgeable. He assured me it would work. I was a bit skeptical, as nothing else I tried had worked. However, his confidence was enough to get me to give it a go.
And I am pleased to report IT WORKED!
So, if you have any odors that you haven’t been able to get rid of through other options, there is hope!
I would highly recommend Tom and Nevada Ozone.

Angi C. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

I purchased a house whose previous owner was a smoker.  After duct cleaning, carpet replacement and painting, there was still some smoke odor.  I hired Tom from Nevada Ozone.  He guaranteed e could eliminate the smoke odor.  The first treatment was effective, but some (not all) of the odor returned.  

Tom returned as promised.  The second treatment reduced the odor even more (90% eliminated).  However, when I repainted, I did not paint the ceiling.  I plan to have the ceiling painted and then have Tom do another treatment to get rid of that last little bit.  Satisfied customer.

Craig T. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

Nevada Ozone saved my life. Literally. People can die from mold exposure. At the time, I did not know that mold was the problem. I had been diagnosed with severe chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, digestion issues, respiratory issues, allergies, anxiety, sleep apnea, and more. I used to be healthy and happy, only to find my health deteriorating at a rapid rate over the period of a few years.

I was wearing a medical alert bracelet for adrenal fatigue, as it had gotten to the point of life-threatening without medication. I was at my wits end. Somehow I was lucky enough to meet a man who married me. But lo and behold, after living with me for less than two years, this once healthy man started losing his vitality and having to get FMLA intervention to take much time off from work with severe exhaustion and brain fog.

The light bulb came on, it was not “just me”, it had to be something environmental! After spending a lot of money changing everything from our water filtration system, to mattresses, to diet, to taking out the carpet, etc etc, we found out that there was black mold behind the shower tiles! This is not always something you can see unless you open up a spot in the tile or drywall where there is a problem. And sometimes there is a “mildew smell” without even seeing any mold. We had the affected areas torn out, and completely renovated But we were still feeling almost dead.

After some research we found out that the mold spores were still throughout our house and belongings, in the air/heating system, basically everywhere. We were still being poisoned! Tom from Nevada Ozone was the most knowledgeable person we spoke with about all this. After a lot of fast research we realized that getting Nevada Ozone to kill any mold and mold spores was the only thing that might save us.

Tom made time in his schedule to explain everything to us, and to help us immediately. We followed his instructions, simply opening closets and cupboards so that the ozone was sure to get everywhere, and vacating the house for 24 hours. SO simple! After literally years of being poisoned and losing my job, my life, my health, spending thousands and thousands of dollars on specialists trying to determine why I had all these problems, and thousands of dollars on medications and supplements and everything, the actual problem was eradicated in one day!

I cant begin to tell you how thankful I am for Tom and his saving our lives! He was the most helpful, most knowledgeable and by far the least expensive of the ozone companies we had called. Even after he had ozonated our house, I had some more questions about my atrium and outside drywall regarding moisture and the potential for mold, and Tom came over and dug around and had a good look and offered his opinion. He is very professional and very kind. So, do we feel better? YES! A noticeable difference right away!

Once our bodies had been this poisoned, it takes some time to detox and for the systems to start functioning properly. We ordered some excellent mold detox products from The Mold center.com. Once Tom at Nevada Ozone de-contaminates your house, you should look into decontaminating your body. Since this experience, I have spoken to many people where someone in their house is also very sick from mold! Please be aware that some people have the genetics to feel perfectly ok around mold, while others in the house are very sick and literally dying from it.

Often children, and the elderly are most affected, as their immune systems are not as strong. Even our dogs were very sick, heart problems, liver problems, skin and respiratory problems. If someone in your house is exhausted and foggy and irritable, please look into having Nevada Ozone help you, because it can change your life!

Tom will test your air, and tell you whats going on. Then he even has an independent company verify afterwards that the house has been completely decontaminated. One day of your time to get help from Tom at Nevada Ozone can literally save your life! Good luck on your journey back to health! And a huge thank you again to Tom for all his help and for giving us back our health!

Vanessa D. – San Francisco, CA


5 Star Rating

These guys are great! I rented a 2300sqf house four months ago and could smell cigarette smoke a month after moving in. The previous renters were smokers so I got the cover up spray deodorizers, fresh coats of paint and shampooed carpets etc. Within a month I smelled like a cigarette along with all my belongings and I’m NOT a smoker.

Frustrated, I find out the landlord tried everything and spent over $2500 trying to get rid of the smoke odor. Eventually I was referred to Nevada Ozone by a friend who had a different issue but thought they could help. I am so happy now.

No more smoke odors or any other germs for that matter. I spent less than half that and I have the benefit of knowing my house is completely sanitized as well as odor free. They were prompt, professional with no hidden fees. Highly recommended!  srk

Shawna K. – Las Vegas, Nevada

5 Star Rating

When we found out that we had black mold, I panicked! The quotes we were receiving to treat and remove it were through the roof…luckily for us, a friend had used Nevada Ozone and gave us Tom’s number. He came by and assessed the situation and assured us that he would be able to remove it.  

We weren’t able to be in the house during the treatment so off to a hotel with the dogs we went. When we returned, our house smells fresh. No dog order, no mold smell, nothing but a light spring fresh smell. We redid the mold tests and it was in fact gone! We have been so grateful to our friend for referring us to Tom. Not only was it a “green” way to go, it saved us so much hassle and money. THANKS NEVADA OZONE! 🙂

Fran R. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

I was tired of hiring so-called professional cleaners that were hired to deodorize my carpets only for them to leave me with a big bill and the smell to come back after a few days. I was fed up! Then, someone told me about Ozone cleaning technology and I was set on finding a service like this in Vegas! Thankfully Nevada Ozone was able to help me fix the issue. I love the techs so I’ll definitely keep hiring them for cleanings!

Hannah – Las Vegas, Nevada

5 Star Rating

I sought out the services from Nevada Ozone after my husband and I bought a house from an elderly woman. She previously had a dog, and we had no pets. It was obvious when we moved in that the “wet dog smell” wasn’t going to go away with some Ferbreeze. We called them up for an extreme home disinfection, deodorization, and we were so happy with the results!

Once they were done deodorizing our house it was noticeably cleaner smelling.  There wasn’t that “heavy dog smell” around the house anymore and now it smells light, fresh and airy. I’ll be using their services again, maybe in a few years after we’ve grown into the house. Love them!

Rebecca – Summerlin, Nevada


5 Star Rating

Now my house is all clean from odors etc. that were left after construction thanks to Ozone Nevada company.Thank you!

Lina E. – Long Beach, CA

5 Star Rating

“When my husband decided to quit smoking I knew it would be the perfect time for me to hire Nevada Ozone to remove the cigarette smoke odor that always lingered in my house. It was not only a prefect way to give him a fresh start, but give me an excuse to finally clean my home completely! They were great! It only took 24hrs and I was happy to find out that their process was USDA certified. It makes me feel safe that I’m not filling my house with crazy chemicals.”

Leslie – Las Vegas, Nevada

5 Star Rating

My house has partial fire damage after a little cooking accident. We were all safe, but the smell in the house was unbearable to say the least. My insurance agency told me about Nevada Ozone and their safe and effective services.

She not only told us that this would help with potential real sale of my home but value of the home overall if I kept the receipt for their services. The Ozone’s tech came in to eradicate the smoke smell and did so after 24hrs.. Easily one of the best home cleaning services in Las Vegas! Thank you for saving my home!

Julie B. – Las Vegas, Nevada


5 Star Rating

They did wonders to my home.  5 star service all the way.

C. L. – Las Vegas, Nevada

5 Star Rating

I made the mistake of forgetting to call the pet sitter and leaving my cat in our home while we went away for a few days for a wedding. We came back to find out our cat marked ALL OVER THE HOUSE. I was furious. I didn’t know what to do since the pet smell really stays around, no matter how hard you spray and scrub. And I didn’t want to ruin my furniture’s fabric!

With the use of O3 they were able to eliminate the pet odor without harsh chemicals. I mean it is just a form of oxygen and that’s all! My house smells so much better and odor free now. I won’t make the same mistake again!

Aaron – Las Vegas, NV

5 Star Rating

Found an very affordable RV on Craigslist with one major issue. IT REEKED OF CIGARETTE SMOKE! I was able to haggle a good deal so that I could get some serious deep cleaning. As soon as I got the RV to my house I called up Nevada Ozone’s services. I am a repeat customer as I’ve had them clean my house before. Their service was so effective last time, no other company could compare! Their odor treatment service eliminated the smell in 24hrs. Very happy! I’ll be a forever customer.

Mike T.- Henderson, Nevada

5 Star Rating

A leaky pipe is not good news at all, but to find out the pipe under my sink had been leaking for weeks causing mold I was at a loss for words. What do you do? I called my home insurance to file a claim, which they accepted and they recommended I get it professionally cleaned and they’d refund me for the cost.

I was so relieved! I found Nevada Ozone through their positive Yelp! Reviews and website reviews so I called to ask them what they could do for me. They were able to provide me with clear answers, and were very happy to solve my mold problem the “GREEN” way ASAP. Simple, easy, and I was back in my mold free home 2 hours after they provided the service!

Michelle – North Las Vegas, NV

5 Star Rating

I own several homes that I rent out, but after every gap in leases I hire Nevada Ozone and their team to come in and give each house a full “spring cleaning” once over. This time however was different, I don’t allow pets but a previous tenant had a dog and they let it mess all over the carpet.

Simple carpet cleaning wasn’t going to fix it, so I reached out to Nevada Ozone to see what they could do. They were able to schedule service while I was out of town and get rid off the stink. My tenant had to foot the bill (thankfully to my lease agreement) and all the issues were solved! Another perfect experience!

Ken – Henderson, Nevada

5 Star Rating

Getting a rescue animal is probably one of the most rewarding experiences, however the first week or two of adjustment was pretty um, poopy to say the least. There were several accidents that I just wasn’t going to waste my time on. I cleaned up what I could and instantly called the Nevada Ozone Team; there system is not only perfect but also safe. I feel good knowing that my place isn’t being run through with chemicals. I love that their team was professional and friendly. It worked like a charm! Thanks again!

Gina – Las Vegas, NV

5 Star Rating

I bought a really nice condo as an investment property but I knew that with the smell of cig. smoke the rental value wasn’t going to be what I wanted it to be. The HOA-community told me how a few of there members used Nevada Ozone, and I thought why not! When I called they were able to provide in detail what they provided and what I would expect.

Since I didn’t live there, they just went in while I was at work and did their thing! They contacted me once they were finished and I when I went back to the condo there was a noticeable difference. The smoke smell was gone and it almost smelled like a fresh clean rain storm had just past. Very impressed with the results. AWESOME! AWESOME!

Henery – Las Vegas, NV

5 Star Rating

After having a nightmare getaway at a 4-star hotel that had BED BUGS, it only got worse when I realize my husband and I brought them home! I didn’t know what to do! Fumigation was not only costly, but I didn’t want dangerous chemicals used just to blanket all of our belongings.

Nevada Ozone’s staff was not only informative but helped calm my frantic nerves! They assured me that one of the side affects of the Nevada Ozone Air Purification Process would eliminate anything living in our home. Once they were done, I was BLOWN AWAY! Not only were the bugs gone, but we found all kinds of other dead critters, also my home smelled better than ever. Thank you so much for helping me during my bed bug crisis with your air purification treatment services!

Tonya – Reno, Nevada

5 Star Rating

Nothing is more devastating than finding out your house has termites. The repairs, the removal, the list is endless. So when I heard about Nevada Ozone’s treatment system and how they provided a safe method for removal without the means of pesticides. They were extremely prompt and we were only out of the house for a couple of days. We didn’t have to bag up other things, as it was just natural ozone gas. I love that about them! Not only was it safe to come back, but also the house was cleaner, and the termites were GONE! Fantastic!

Linda – Reno, Nevada

5 Star Rating

Mold is such a dangerous issue that when the pipes broke in our house I wanted to get the house cleaned and mold free! Contacting Nevada Ozone was so simple! One of the reps on the phone was able to schedule full service mold eradication for not only the damaged areas of my house but did a complete sanitation, disinfection and deodorization of my house to prevent any further issues. Duct system included. Love that! With all my mold problems solved by the Nevada Ozone team, I can enjoy my home once again with out any worries of lingering issues of any kind.

Bethany – Henderson, NV

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